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G S Design, Builders of Unique Pools and Spas serving the Greater Sacramento Valley.

  • G S Design’s commitment to quality and performance insures our customer’s satisfaction and their referrals to friends about us.

G S Design Pools And Spas “hand builds” each project and designs site specific for each project. We don’t use templates because each site and each customer is Unique. What may suit a family of five with Pets may not a loving couple with one pet. Existing Landscaping and Hardscaping effect a project .We build to suit the Site, the Owner and the Pool. That’s right the Pool, an often overlooked factor, Believe it or not, the proposal can look great on paper and turn into a money pit when it’s a reality. For example vanishing edge, infinity pool or Negative edge are dramatic Pools that are very appealing to the eye, their Reality is more maintenance and costs in water and chemicals. If it is properly designed it will cut down the operating costs but it still is a major cost factor to owning and operating the pool. This is an example that can enhance the project but the customer may not be aware of the costs of owning a particular feature. G S Design builds a lot of vanishing edge Pools we design them for minimum water loss, to keep the basin clean and large enough basin to easily clean. The more a pool does to keep clean is always better

G S Design plumbs each project to maximum performance and design as green as possible, we've been doing this for over 20 years. Now we’re fashionable. We can build any shape or size but Reality dictates what is best to own day after day and for every flip of the pump switch. It not hard to design and build a Dream Pool that works it just takes the right information. The best part is the information is FREE.

Contact us for more information about your project. I know we can help you save money and maximize your project.

  •  Thinking about REMODELING?

 G S Design can change your existing pool into your Dream Pool.

Change its size, smaller or larger. Change its shape, add curves or straighten lines.  We can add a spa, a slide, waterfalls or extra lighting.  

G S Design - Over 35 years of Hands on Experience

     Commercial or Residential
    Pool, Spa, Water Feature Design, Construction, Consulting, Inspection, and Repairs.