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GS Design
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Repairs and Remodeling

Have a Problem?
Ask us, it's Free. 

Ask us about your pool problems and we will contact you with an answer. 

Let our 35 years of experience help you solve your pool problems. We can answer any pool problem via email or have a service technician repair it for you. Some websites charge for the information We do not, our information is free. All that we ask of you is a referral to your friends and family. 


Example Questions:

  • How to change a filter
  • How to change a pump seal
  • Heater problems
  • Water loss
  • Chemistry issues
  • Pool cleaner


We do the simple re-plaster to  the structral shell repair. We leave no questions. Our re-plasters have the pool shell old plaster chipped off. This garuntees a better bond and a thicker coat of plaster for a longer life.

Real Remodeling

We can add that spa or water feature. We can change that pool's shape; make it smaller, make it larger, shallower, deeper. We can.