G S Design Unique Swimming Pools from Sacramento, California

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GS Design
Custom Pools




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Here is what we have to offer...

No matter the size of your property, we hand-build pools to fit. Custom remodeling is also available when you want to change the shape of your existing pool. Each pool comes with Pentair pool equipment and a unique hydraulic design. Our high-performance hydration system ensures maximum pool cleaning performance. 


Spas are available in all shapes and sizes; just let us know what design you're looking for. We hand build all jets and hydraulics to prevent heat and energy loss, making your spa more economical to own.


Whether you want a fountain or a fish pond, we are able to create custom-built water features. All work is in-house and is designed to your specifications.



Having problems with your existing pool? Does your pool look the way you want? Is it the right size? Shape? If not, we can change your existing pool to your dream pool.