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Swimming Pools



GS Design prides itself in building and designing pools that are user friendly with maximum eye appeal. Each project is evaluated and designed to meet the owners' requirements.

Each pool goes through an evolutionary process. First talk basics of shape, style, and existing surroundings. From that we modify and enhance the project until we come to the desired product.

We work for you and with you. If changes come as the project is developing we work with you to get your desired outcome.



  • Infinity Edge
  • Hillsides
  • Special Construction
  • Special Needs
  • ADA Requirements

Unique Styles

We build classic and contemporary designs to integrate into the surroundings. Go to theCustom Pool and Spas Gallery to see other original projects and designs.


Top of the Line Work

The picture to the left is an example of custom manufacturing. Each semicircle is a 5ft. Radius sheers decent and a 14ft. Radius sheers decent at the deep-end designed and constructed by G S Design.

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